Kentucky Deadlands

Weird West Tales!

This was the first adventure in a new Deadlands campaign so let’s introduce the PC’s:

  • played by Chris: half Portuguese (don’t call him a Mexican), half Apache knife fighter
  • played by Curtis: former Man in Black who faked his own death, reluctant gunfighter
  • played by Charles: former Man in Black who faked his own death, Shaft in a 10 gallon hat
  • played by Mike: Syker from the future sent back for reasons only he knows

Chris is travelling through the badlands of Colorado on his way to Kansas when he rides up on a strange sight. Laying on the ground is a bald, naked, half-dead man (Mike’s character). A few days later finds the two further towards Kansas and in better health making camp for the night. Along comes and who after a bit of tension decide that all would be in much better shape if they traveled together…at least to the town of Purity to get supplies.

When they make it to Purity, they do not get a warm reception. In fact, the inhabitants of Purity are scared out of their wits and afraid to come out of their homes. The posse decide to split up and hit the saloon and the general store.


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